Marketing and Advertising


High Impact – Measurable Results – Great ROI

Our organization has partnered up with Mudd Advertising (www.mudd.com) to bring our Clients a powerful mix of creativity, innovation and technology geared towards results-driven marketing. This service guarantees to separate you from your competition and achieve an ROI never seen before in your business. This service includes:

  • Initial analysis and evaluation of all current efforts
  • In-depth discussion with owner to fully understand their vision of their business and the particular image they want to project to their customers
  • Discuss the type of marketing messages they like and dislike
  • Discuss the type of media that has been most successful for them
  • Discuss the processes in place that track the efforts
  • Implement and train needed processes to properly track your advertising dollar
  • Custom design an Advertising and Marketing Plan that is best for the Client
  • Fully manage this plan
  • Buy Media at national discounts
  • Create unique and powerful print, radio, TV, direct mail and/or E-commerce ads
  • Assist in properly tracking results
  • Drastically increase traffic and sales while doubling ROI