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Energy Supply

By partnering with Hess, the most trusted and respected Fortune 75TM energy supply company, we help our clients reduce and better manage their electricity and natural gas costs. Hess is committed to green initiatives and can serve as a valuable financial arm for many of these projects.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

By partnering with Clean Vehicle Solutions, the leading company for CNG vehicles and the needed infrastructure, we help our clients make an easy transition to converting their commercial fleets to CNG. For municipalities, universities and large companies, this project is an absolute must. When done correctly, this project will create a revenue stream.

Commercial Lighting

Absolute must of a project. Get all new indoor/outdoor lighting, improve the quality of lighting and have incentives, tax credits and energy savings pay for it. Your cost for lighting will go down 50% or more.

Act Now. Stop paying for wasted energy and save 30 to 50 % or more