Automotive Management


Since 1990 and with over 350 successes, our organization has established a reputation as an expert in dealership management. Our track record indicates that we will, at the very least, double your volume, triple your gross, improve customer relations, develop your sales and management team to new standards and make a dealership highly profitable. We impact the following areas:

  • Sales techniques and processes
  • Management techniques and processes
  • Sales and Management training
  • Creation of customized Process and Procedure manual.
  • Personnel evaluations
  • Pay-plan and bonus evaluations
  • Proper use of CRM and other sales and marketing tools
  • Proper negotiations and follow-up techniques (your customers should never buy elsewhere)
  • Marketing and advertising efforts including Website design and SEO
  • Lead Generation/Lead Conversion Tools
  • Service and Parts processes and procedures
  • Proper integration of all departments
  • Proper accounting procedures and expense control
  • Creating a “winning team” atmosphere dedicated to being the best in the business.

Each area can be performed separately depending on a Client’s needs.