Let Our Experience and Resources Lead to Your Success

Clauburg and Associates was founded in 1990. Initially, Clauburg was formed to serve as the consulting arm of Ford Motor Company for their Dealer Development Division. Ford would contract them to go into their struggling dealerships and turn them successful.

With Ford’s endorsement, Clauburg quickly expanded into other Manufacturers, Dealer 20 Groups, Automotive Accounting Firms and quickly became one of the most successful consulting companies in the country earning “5 Star” status with many organizations.

In 1997, they started to offer Dealerships a separate Recruiting Service. Their recruiting service today is now recognized as one of the best and largest in the automotive industry with over 660 active Clients and growing. The stellar reputation of this service has allowed Clauburg to branch into other industries with the Energy and Green Energy Initiative industries being two of their biggest clients.

Today, Clauburg and Associates is a consortium made up of selected companies that Clauburg feels share their vision of excellence. All are committed to offer their Clients superior services in a cost effective manner. All of Clauburg’s Business Solutions have two things in common. One, they promise to be the best in the industry backed by a very unique Satisfaction Guarantee. Secondly, most of the fees are based on a percentage of profit enhancement.

Our recipe for success is simple. Superior Marketing + Superior Training + Superior Processes + Superior Management + Superior Motivation + Expense Control = Dominant Business in your market.