Buy/Sell Consulting


Simply the Best Way to Buy or Sell a Dealership

We are not brokers, but our organization is an invaluable resource for Dealers looking to sell their dealership or potential buyers looking to buy one. Because of the nature of these dealings, confidentiality is at the forefront of this service.

Why would a Seller use this Service?
For a number of reasons:

  • They do not want to list their dealership with a broker for any number of reasons
  • They have listed it with a broker with no luck
  • They want to keep their effort highly confidential
  • They want our organization to properly qualify any potential buyers before presenting them
  • They want to utilize our unbiased expertise in these matters
  • They are looking for a quality General Manager to do a Buy-in with
  • Save time and money

Why would a Buyer use this Service?
For a number of reasons:

  • For first time Dealers, they want to find out if they even qualify to buy a dealership. Both financially and in terms of getting factory approval.
  • They want us to find them a dealership to buy at a fair price without the expense of using a broker.
  • They seek expert advise as they go through the process
  • They have an expert dealership operator available to assist them through the takeover and assure them instant success.